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SPS5000 Semiconductor Parametric Test Software
ITECH SPS5000 semiconductor parametric test software is equipped with the IT2800 high precision source measurement unit. It helps to quickly complete semiconductor test of device IV characterization and parametric test.SPS5000 supports DC, pulse, single and bidirectional sweeping modes. With an intuitive GUI, the SPS5000 helps university laboratories, semiconductor suppliers and research institutes to quickly perform semiconductor device characterization test. No programming knowledge is required when you use it. SPS5000 software provides ready-to-use test items for different types of semiconductor devices such as MOSFETs, BJTS, diodes, and resistors.
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Product Features
Intuitive GUI simplifies measurement setup, I-V characterization and data analysis
Provides ready-to-use test items for MOSFETs/BJTs/Diodes/Resistors for quick Recall
Automated test sequence function for continuous execution of multiple parameter tests for devices*1
Interactive and real-time data plotting accelerates review of test results
Quick test mode to perform up to 32ch DUTs test simultaneously
Built-in database allows user to store and rapidly recall the data and graphs
Powerful graph analysis tools such as auto-scaling and line operations
Multiple Y axes capabilities and configurable parameter type and scale type of Y-axis/X-axis
Provides customized test item function*2
Software compatible with Windows 7 (or above) operating system
Test fixture IT-E803 for low-power diodes and Mosfet test (42V/1A)
Capable used with IT2800 series SMU, Minimum resolution up to 100nV/10fA
Functions and Advantages

Ready-to-use test items greatly accelerate the semiconductor devices characterization

The SPS5000 software provides convenient ready-to-use test items for different types of semiconductor devices such as MOSFETs, BJTS, diodes, andresistors. Enabling user to perform measurement setup and data collecting quickly without any secondary programming.Take MOSFET test as an example, a common testing process will be like this: defining test variables---develop the testing methods-----writing automated
test code-----executing the test-----making the data analysis. By using SPS5000, user can simply the test process in three steps with the preinstalled testitems. Step one is to select the ready-to-use test item such as Id-Vd. Step two is to configure the measurement conditions. The last step is the clicking“running” to start the test. When test is finished, user can acquire the data and graphs automatically.

Automated test sequence mode to fulfill multiple characterization test

The SPS5000 software provides a flexible and high-efficiency testing mode by allowing the user to form a test sequence with multiple ready-to-use testitems. Automated test sequence mode is important to efficiently gather multiple parameters on the semiconductor device. For example, when you select
Id-Vd test item of MOSFET, SPS5000 will automatically recall other test items with the same wiring connection, such as Vth, FET Id-Vg. users can executeonly one test item at a time (e.g. Id-Vd), or combine them into a sequence for rapid multiple parametric test(Id-Vd ->Vth -> IonIoffslop ->…).

Auto-analysis and graphical display featuresaccelerate the characterization analysis

The GUI based characterization software SPS5000 allow user to perform the measurement setup quickly and get the result graphically. It not only directlydisplay the calculated and extracted parameters, but also provide powerful graph analysis tools for further analysis, such as auto-scaling and lineoperations (constant line, tangent line and regression line). User can also use the strip feature to mark MOSET cut-off or saturation regions on the graph. Inaddition, SPS5000 supports multiple Y axes capabilities. User can flexibly configure the data types of the X-axis and Y-axis, log or linear scale formataccording to the analysis requirements.

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