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IT7900E Regenerative Grid Simulator
The IT7900E series is a programmable, four-quadrant grid simulator. It is also a four-quadrant power amplifier, which can be used to test various grid-connected equipment. For example, PCS, energy storage system, microgrid, BOBC (V2X), PHiL, etc. With advanced SiC technolgoy, a single unit of IT7900E can realize the anti-islanding protection test through islanding mode(RLC settable). Besides, the power density of IT7900E series is very high, 6kVA in 1U, 15kVA in 3U. After parallel connection, the power can be extended to 960kVA at most. Rich operating modes meet various test requirement of single-phase, three-phase, reverse-phase and multi-channel. In reverse mode, the voltage can be extended to 200% of the rated voltage. The strong arbitrary waveform editing function can simulate various power grid disturbance waveforms, making it an ideal choice for testing and R&D laboratories.
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350 V
630 A
126 kVA
<0.1%+0.1%FS /<0.1%+0.2%FS
USB/CAN/LAN/digital I/O port, optional GPIB/analog & RS232
350 V
525 A
105 kVA
<0.1%+0.1%FS /<0.1%+0.2%FS
USB/CAN/LAN/digital I/O port, optional GPIB/analog & RS232
350 V
420 A
84 kVA
<0.1%+0.1%FS /<0.1%+0.2%FS
USB/CAN/LAN/digital I/O port, optional GPIB/analog & RS232
350 V
315 A
63 kVA
<0.1%+0.1%FS /<0.1%+0.2%FS
USB/CAN/LAN/digital I/O port, optional GPIB/analog & RS232
350 V
210 A
42 kVA
<0.1%+0.1%FS /<0.1%+0.2%FS
USB/CAN/LAN/digital I/O port, optional GPIB/analog & RS232
350 V
105 A
21 kVA
<0.1%+0.1%FS /<0.1%+0.2%FS
USB/CAN/LAN/digital I/O port, optional GPIB/analog & RS232
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* The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Product Features
Highlighted Features
Adopt advanced SiC technology
High power density/minimum rack space, 3U up to 21kVA
Regenerative grid simulator & full 4-Quadrant AC&DC power sources
Power Amplifier function for PHiL applications
Three working modes: CV/Current Limit/Power Limit
AC, DC, AC+DC or DC+AC output capability
Comprehensive working modes selectable: single-phase, three-phase, reversed phase
Programmable Output Impedance, allows simulation of real-World
Utility Grid Impedance
Compliance tests incl LVRT /Phase Jump/Frequency variation/
Harmonic Injection
Supported regulatory testing include IEC61000-4-11/4-13/4-14 /4-28


Wide voltage ranges: 350/700/1050 VL-N*2
Master-slave parallel with current sharing technology, up to 1MVA+
Intuitive touch screen;Built-in single/3-phase AC power meter; Scope function
Fast response time and high accuracy 0.1%+0.2%FS
Waveforms Library : Sine wave, Square wave,Triangle wave, Clipped sine waves, trapezoidal wave, self-defined waves
Harmonics and Interharmonics waveform synthesizer
Power line disturbance simulation testing by LIST programming/
SWEEP/Surge&Sag functions
Up to 50th harmonic simulation and analysis function is included, along with built-in IEC61000-3-2/3-12 and other test regulations *1
Harmonic simulation and analysis function can measure 50th order, built-in IEC61000-3-2/3-12 and other test regulations
Output 0-360 ° start/stop phase angle can be set
Front panel USB port for data and waveform import and export
Relay CTRL function, to cut off the connection between instrument and DUT
Built-in USB/CAN/LXI compliant LAN interface/Digital IO interface, optional GPIB /Analog&RS232
Support CANopen、Modbus、LXI、SCPI communication

*1. Voltage/current harmonic analysis
*2. Pls. refer to IT7900E high voltage version

Functions and Advantages

Regenerative 4-Quadrant AC Grid Simulator

The IT7900E series are four-quadrant grid simulators with 100% of power sinking and 88% energy recovery capability. The power generated by the DUT can be fed back to the grid, rather than being dissipated as heat, which protects the environment and save the cost of  electricity, HVAC and cooling infrastructure.

Full 4-Quadrant Power Amplifier

The IT7900E series regenerative grid simulator can be used as a power amplifier to complete power hardware in the loop (PHIL) applications for microgrids, energy storage and new energy vehicles. The digital I/O or a standard suite of analog signal can be input via an external analog interface (optional) and then amplified without distortion to a real power waveshape with an external analog response time of less than 100us.

Master/Slave parallel, power up to 1MVA+

IT7900E series can be master-slave paralleled to to reach 1MVA+ output at most, flexible and convenient. IT7900E comes with synchronous On/Off input and output signals, which ensure the synchronization of paralleling and ensures synchronous current sharing of multiple modules. After paralleling, all functions are retained and there’s no loss of accuracy, making the construction of the power system faster, more flexible, and more economical, either it is a stand-alone test or ATE system.

Easy-to-operate interface, abundant operation modes

IT7900E series is equipped with innovative touch screen, simple and intuitive UI interface, and the keyboard knob design allows users to directly and quickly perform operations such as mode setting and waveform editing. The built-in digital oscilloscope function collects time-domain signals of voltage and current, phase relationship and performs waveform trigger functions. The oscilloscope sampling rate is up to 10us, and up to 6 oscilloscope curves can be displayed at the same time. Users can perform instantaneous analysis without an oscilloscope and save them in time.