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IT8211 Digital Control DC Electronic Load

IT8211 series economical electronic load, with the highest cost/performance ratio and small size, they are widely used in production testing lines and maintainance lines etc. Resolution 1mV/1mA ensures the accurate measurement result. IT8211 series has programmable performance, and can quickly recall 4 * 40 group memory data, panel function keys and display interface is clear, provide customers with simple operation program, easy and fast to complete a variety of complex tests. The series has CV, CC and CR mode, and short circuit test function, it is the most cost-effective electronic load products.


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Product Features


 Digital controlling electronic load            
 LED display
 With fast rotary encoder input
 19-inch standard cabinet can be installed
 Three operating modes: CV / CC / CR   
 4 * 40 group memory capacity can be quickly recalled             
 Switch high and low current             

Functions and Advantages

Wider output range

Under the same power range, IT8211 series has wider voltage/current range.

Options & Accessories
  • IT-E9005(Optional)
    ITECH Warranty up to 5 years
  • IT-E9003(Optional)
    ITECH Warranty up to 3 years
  • CD (accessory)
    With user manual and communica...
  • AC power cord (accessory)
    AC power cord (accessory)
  • IT-E152 (Optional)
    Rack mount kit
  • IT-E30312-YY (Optional)
    30A/1.2m/Y terminal, a pair of...
  • IT-E30320-YY (Optional)
    30A/2m/Y terminal, a pair of r...
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